Always on the quest for the “perfect” keyboard, my latest acquisition came from the following line of thinking:

  1. I like the Preonic ortho keyboard, it’s efficient while providing 60 keys, which is nice somtimes.
  2. However, I don’t like how I have to angle my wrists to use it.
  3. I like the natural angle of the Atreus.
  4. But I also like how the split Iris feels more natural and helps me with better posture.

So what if there were a split Preonic? Well turns out there is, the Nyquist from The PCBs are fully soldered, including microcontroller, diodes, and RGB LEDs. I recently got a set of Halo Trues, with keycaps taken from my rarely-used Iris.

Overall it’s a very nice, full-featured keyboard, but as usual will take some getting used to. I’m struggling a bit with the thumb keys, I seem to naturally want the CTRL and ALT keys inside more (that’s probably the Atreus muscle memory). The Halo Trues are very different, and are possibly too stiff for my taste.

Nyquist Keyboard