I did some more work on my Chia monitoring, collecting node and blockchain metrics from the RPC API with a Prometheus exporter written in Go1.

Improved Chia dashboard

Unfortunately it hasn’t helped me win any XCH yet. Sadly my Samsung PM953 NVMe plotting drive died (I bought it used, but when I checked it only had a couple hundred hours and tons of life left), so I’ve had to move to a 2TB Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm HDD, which is of course much slower - I went from doing four plots in parallel in 12-14 hours to doing two in 16 hours. So now my RAM upgrade (from 8GB to 32GB) was also pretty much a waste. C’est la Vie

  1. why not Python, since Chia is written in Python and I could just use its client library? Besides me just liking Go better for various reasons, it’s mainly about the deployment - Go compiles to a single static binary, that I can easily copy to my servers. No messing around with python versions (yes, I’m still bitter about the 2 to 3 debacle), virtual envs, and so on. ↩︎