Brown-sugar-and-maple bacon. Smoky, sweet, delicious!




  1. Trim pork belly. I tend to be very aggressive, because the belly needs to fit in a large vacuum bag and on my large Big Green Egg. The trimmings make excellent burnt ends!

  2. Mix together cure (everything else), and rub well into pork belly.

  3. Wrap tightly in plastic warp or vacuum seal. Refrigerate for 7-14 days, flipping daily.


  1. Prepare smoker to cook indirect at 170°F. I use a 5lb coffee can with the bottom cut off to hold the lump in my large Big Green Egg.

pork belly on the big green egg

  1. Rinse off the pork belly, pat dry, and smoke until about 155°F (5-6 hours).

pork belly finished smoking

  1. Rinse to remove rendered fat, and place in ice-water bath for 15 minutes.

  2. Slice and fry!

sliced bacon more sliced bacon